We have worked out a fairly smooth process for getting your website up and going in the quickest time possible. Once you have accepted our quote for website design, we put you in queue for designing. While our designers are finishing up their current projects, we will have the customer send us links to sites they like and don't like so we have an idea of the general style they prefer.

Next we work with the customer to determine the exact pages for their site and then get them a content form to fill out with all the information they want on the site about their business. Customers often write the content themselves, but if they either feel they don't have time to or aren't interested in doing so, we offer a full line of copywriting services.

When your design has been created, we will send you a graphic for a proof. This is the time to make any changes that you wish to the layout of the site. Once the design is approved, the template is made and the content is inserted. Making changes to the template after the template has been made could result in having to redo the whole site and therefore would have to be charged extra. Once all the content has been added and the website is approved, then the website is launched to the public!

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