Adding Images To WordPress

To add images to your WordPress pages or posts, follow the instructions below.

  1. Once logged in and on the page or post that the image should be on, click the "Add Media" button above the word processor editing buttons.

  2. In the Media Library, you can search for the image you want or you can click the "Upload Media" tab where you can add a file to WordPress.

  3. When adding a file, be sure to type in a title so you can find it later. Also describe the picture in the "Alt Text" section so that search engines can read what that is a picture of.

  4. When inserting a picture, you can set an align option to have the picture be right, left, etc. It is important to change the link to none, unless you want the picture to link to something.  Finally, you will see a "size" drop down.  WordPress will resize uploaded pictures.  You can experiment to get the size that works best for you.  Typically "Thumbnail" will crop the picture and make it square, so unless you are looking to link to something, that won't be your best option.
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