PayPal Access

At times we may need to have access to your PayPal account during the set up process.  We do NOT need or want access to the bank account information or money in your account.


PayPal allows you to create an account with limited access so we can just do what we need to set your account up.

To do this, follow the below steps:

#1. Log into your PayPal account at

#2. Click on "Profile" in the top right and then your name from that drop down menu.

#3. Click on "My Settings" and when that pops up, look for "Manage Users" and click on the "Get Started" link

#4. Click the "Add User" button.

#5. Create a username and password that you can share with us.  The only check box that needs to be selected generally is "API Activation & Authorization"

#6. Press the save button and then provide us the account information you created.


Once we are done, you can follow the above steps to then delete the user account as we typically don't need to do this again.

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